Every economic recession brings a wave of racism too.

That is no peculiarity that the European welfare States become now more than stubborn in its decission of applying the Schengen rule on the heads of the two European countries that just came into Europe.

Two States that recently adhered to Europe,despite to the fact that they have been in Europe for more than 2000 years,are continuously kept aside and treated badly behind the European veil.

The European economical powers don’t want a levelled Europe in which we can subsist on the same level of economical growth.They want an East Europe to be kept in an eternal poverty.

The Europe of the richmen got itself rich on the back of the poorest countries of Europe.And now they are scared to see that they actually pay for the consequences of their historical bad politics that they applied on these countries : Romania and Bulgaria.

To say that the poor people are hooligans is bad.

It comes to my mind a thing that Fidel Castro said relative to the New Europe: The European racist holocaust has just  began.

Wake up Europe and do not admit a new discrimination , segregation and pushing European States to the outlawness for the sake of money.

Think of the numerous lives that you,the rich ones destroyed.Thing of how many generations have died without seeing happiness in the poor Europe.

We all have the right to be happy and not only you that trace new barriers between Superpeople and Underpeople.

Shame on you Europe that make your European citizen shame that he or she lives on this sacred land .


‘Quoi ! des cohortes étrangères feraient la loi dans nos foyers !”
Je suis en étranger
Pour toi d’un sang impur
Allons marchons ,marchons enfants
A l’horizon des durs.

All that stays under the religious national socialism comes updated.The swedish coalition does a marche dure contre l’individe de tout sorts.There are huge budgetary savings.Today we are pushed down to live in a virtual poverty.They yell out that there are plenty of jobs today.Those in power haven’t created any jobs at all but instead of this they push the individual struggle for the minimum living.This way those who are rich get richer.The middle class gets down into poverty and mix with those that are on social right now.The goal is to erase the immigrants.They seem to represent a peril to the monoethnical State.They are seen as having staring coal eyes.The immigrant is that closer the monoethnical State is afraid of.The Free Movement Directive is spacially made in order to protect the individual from the brutality of the nationalistical State.
We , the free individuals have became the old tatars in the Swedish History.The Swedish Democrats as well as the Swedish Social Democrats(right winged) know whats all about it.
In a monoetnnical State in which even the Justice Minister dares to come out to the public arena , not as a martyr but as an emperor,as to rule out that the immigrant (the invandrare/tatare) is to be sent through the rehabilitative coercion of the monoethnical State to its own country of origin.This is criminal and contrary to the Directive of the Freedom of Movement 2004.It acts against the individual right to choose a place of personal happiness anywhere on this earth.
It is wrong that a monoethnical State continues keeping its holding based primitive culture in keeping away other ethnicities from the act of government.
I , as the free citizen of Europe has the right to establish as an individual in any country in the Europe without having me struggled to the opponent monoethnical State, State that wants its own absolute happiness.
The immigrant cathegory in itself is a cathegory that puts the individual under the Linne system of perceiving the new world that comes over the monoethnical och rigid /fixist State.The immigrant cathegory needs to be put to an end because it is nothing else but an invention.There are no immigrants between the European borders.We are all Europeans here.
The European religios national socialism lives today an horizon of the tough guys where they take up the porn midget of the Pentagram Republic in high esteem.The midget of the Pentagram Republic is a modell of macho force of this monoethnical universe they live.All of them are pushed to follow his rules of behavior and this with no critical conscience at all.
Liberte Egalite Fraternite is a slogan that works only in respect to the superior race.
Todey the modern Europe strenghtens the absolute monoethnicity’s right while other ethnicities are kept as a threat image or a terror image right before their ignorant eyes.
I finnaly wondet who wants to co-reign with a monoethnicity that stole the State and self proclaimed as Satan.